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Special Theme Catering

CJS Theme Party Catering is a fun way to add flavor to your event. Whether it’s a costume party or a national holiday, our themed catering menus host a variety of options to meet your needs. “Hawker Fare,” “Tim Sum Boat,” “Ice Fantasy,” “Turkish Kebab and Roast Station” are some of the delicious menus that we have provided through the years at CJS Catering.

With almost two decades of experience in catering to corporate clients of all sizes, we have the resources, expertise and creative talent to provide a wide variety of themed event options for every kind of company setting - from on-site dining areas to conference facilities, from warehouses to parking lots, or at any off-site and off shore venue your company would select.

Our special event planners can put together an unique menu that fits the theme of your party. These menus will surely please your guests and give them a fun escape from the typical party catering experience.

So, to celebrate your event in a grand, unique and memorable way, please contact our event specialists :

Tan Jie Ming
Tel: 90490448
Email: jieming@cjscatering.com.sg

Tel: 92367332
Email: suria@cjscatering.com.sg

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