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About Us

In almost two decade of operation, CJS Catering has always been providing full-service custom catering for a wide variety of corporate, individual and college-related events throughout Singapore.
Dedicated to excellence in food quality, preparation and presentation, and renowned for imaginative décor, we cater functions both small and large. Whether you are planning a buffet, seated dinner, cocktail party, corporate functions, BBQ or other special event, our team of international chefs and event planners can offer you innovative cuisine that’s tailored to your palate, ideal for the season and perfect for the chosen theme of your event. Their culinary expertise can provide international cuisine, savouries, tim sum and exquisite pastries to suit your menu, your taste and your budget.
Our entire Service Staff has extensive backgrounds in the food and restaurant industry and sets the standard for professionalism and excellence in this. They are able to ardently focus on their respective details as well as collaborate to anticipate and prepare for everything associated with your gala. Their exemplary customer service skills will not go unnoticed during your event.
To bring your thematic dreams and aspirations vividly to life, our award-winning décor services can create designs for any and all occasions.
For a truly memorable catered experience, call us today at 63833113 and have our sales personnel work with you to manage every detail of your next affair.

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